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Eagle Owl

Eagle Owl

How often do you think about bird quotes? Probably never if you are like me. I really didn’t think too much about them until I started doing research on them and found so very many common bird quotes and quotations involving birds that we just take for granted. I have used a lot of them in my regular conversations and I’ll bet you have done the same.

Now, never again, once you see the large selection of bird quotes we have on the site, will you ignore bird quotes you see, hear, or even use inadvertently in your everyday conversations.

This Bird Quote site endeavors to present as many bird quotes, bird quotations, and bird sayings as possible. We will certainly miss some bird quotes and ask our readers to contribute their bird quotes or ones they have found that are not on the site. The site also has bird trivia, bird songs, and other miscellaneous references to birds. Lastly, not to forget, there are plenty of bird images and information about the birds. Have fun and enjoy the site.

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Rusty BlackbirdThis bird is the reason for this site!
Blame him for everything.


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