Make Your Windows Safe for Birds

Peacock: Have you seen one lately?

Peacock: Have you seen one lately?

Have you ever witnessed a bird flying straight into your window? How about a patio door? I have several times. One of those times the bird died. Other times the bird was injured and/or was knocked out, but eventually able to get away. I don’t know if in those cases the bird was able to fly again or not when I didn’t actually see it fly away.

Apparently this is a problem. It seems to be a very big problem according to an article on the Flap (Fatal Light Awareness Program) website. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the lives of migratory birds in urban areas.

They list many ways to potentially stop birds from crashing into windows. Then they offer what appears to be a rather foolproof method of making a window opaque to birds, thus stopping them from crashing into what to them may be invisible or seem like scenery, due to the reflection of the glass.

The solution promoted by them is a covering with small perforated holes in them for the light to enter, but small enough to still appear opaque to a bird. They can tell there is something “solid” there and not run into it. The product is made by CollidEscape.

Daniel Klem, a Muhlenberg College ornithologist has led the way in researching bird collisions. Professor Klem performed experiments with CollidEscape to test its effectiveness and states:

“Scientific evidence from controlled experiments reveals that the use of CollidEscape is an effective and overall outstanding means of preventing bird-glass collisions. I recommend its use whenever acceptable to homeowners and commercial building managers.”

If you have this problem of birds flying into your windows this is something you might want to check into. Go to either site above and get more information on this problem.

If you do decide to purchase window film from of CollidEscape they will donate some of the money to FLAP to help bring awareness to the problem as well as helping to solve it.

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