Birds in Dreams


Symbolism of Birds in Dreams

One of the most common dream symbols is birds in dreams. Different birds have different interpretations in dreams. Some specific birds have specific illustrations in dreams.



In general, birds symbolize freedom, hopes and high aspirations. Moreover they also interpret a set of goals to reach and to soar high above all heights in life. Birds in dreams mean essentially the same thing.


Seeing flying birds in dream means the soul is set free from the body and it is striving to move forward toward a specific goal. It also represents joy, happiness and ecstasy in love and romance. It further aims that one is having spiritual liberation and psychological freedom. A sunny bright outlook of life is depicted from the dreams of flying birds.

Birds are the only species which are seen as the ones who love to nurture their young ones. The dreams of birds also signify that one wants to nurture something in life may it be a goal, relations or feelings. Seeing dead birds in the dream means sadness and unhappiness in life. It also indicates disappointments and failures. It further signifies that one is worried over a lot of problems in life.

Eggs and nests

Seeing the eggs of birds in dreams signifies wealth, prosperity and money.  If someone sees a dream of a bird hatching eggs, then it indicates that success in your life is going to be delayed. Moreover seeing a bird’s nest in the dreams symbolizes freedom and security. It means that one wants someone or something to depend upon. There is an alternative interpretation too of this dream. It signifies fortune and good opportunities coming your way.

Different birds

The dove is the most popular of all bird symbols in dreams. It signifies love and peace. Seeing a white dove indicates loyalty in love and friendships. It also indicates that the Holy Spirit is giving a message to us not to nurture hatred and revenge in the hearts for others.

“I heard a Stock-dove sing or say His homely tale, this very day; His voice was buried among trees, Yet to be come at by the breeze: He did not cease; but cooed–and cooed: And somewhat pensively he wooed: He sang of love, with quiet blending, Slow to begin, and never ending; Of serious faith, and inward glee; That was the song,–the song for me!” ~ William Wordsworth

Seeing a white duck in dreams signifies betrayal and deceit.

Coach Glue income tweaksFurthermore, seeing a two headed duck indicates that one has to be more rational and grounded over some deep issues. To see a trapped eagle means that one is going to be in a difficult and tight situation where one has restrictions and confinement. Killing an eagle signifies your harshness and hard heartedness towards others who come in the way of your success.

Seeing a falcon in dreams indicates that one is striving towards a particular aim and goal in life. If someone sees geese in the dreams, it means that the person is very well grounded and loves to mingle with the crowd. To see a hen in dreams means one loves to gossip and backbite about others. It also shows boastful nature of the person.

On seeing hummingbirds in dreams signifies that even small and petty things can be powerful and have frivolous ideas. Calmness and dignity are the tow qualities that are there in a person if he dreams about a kingfisher. Success and joy are sure to come in the life of the person who dreams about a singing lark. These and many other birds have different meanings and functions in dreams.

Unless you are used to it, remembering dreams is difficult. The normal situation is if you remember anything about the dream it will very rapidly disappear once you wake up. This certainly happens to me and others I ask. Seems you pretty much have to train yourself to remember your dreams, otherwise for most people, they are elusive and often you remember bits and pieces of a dream and not the whole dream.

We would like to hear of any of our readers experience with dreams with birds in them. If you have dreams with birds in them that you want to share with others enter it as a comment. Say what kind of bird was in your dream if you know and if the dream has any meaning that you are aware of.

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