Pet Birds – 4 Top Things

Pet Birds

Pet Birds – 4 Top Things to Consider before getting a Pet Bird

This is something to consider if you happen to visit a pet store. If they have pet birds it is very easy to get enamored with birds. If you think it would be so nice to have a pet bird or you’ve fallen in love with them, wait – think before you act..

Don’t just pull out your wallet, open your purse, or grab your credit card like it is a normal purchase. It is not.

First here are a few things to consider before you make that purchase.

  • Think about your decision to buy a pet bird. Was it made in the spare of the moment?
  • Can a bird fit the kind of lifestyle you are living?
  • Will the bird fit perfectly into your allocated area?
  • Will the bird(s) make too much noise (important for an apartment, townhome, or condominium)?


Consider the Bird’s Lifestyle and Yours Too

Are you sure the bird can fit within the kind of lifestyle that you are living? Look at your space. The size of the birds that you buy should fit perfectly well to your allotted area. You should also consider your neighbors. There are certain kinds of birds that create a lot of noise.

That could likely cause trouble with people living near your house. You may want to opt for the kind of birds that are quiet most of the time. That is especially true if you are living in a condominium, townhome or apartment.

So why should you opt for a bird as your pet? Here are a few vital reasons that can help you regarding this matter. Take a look at this list. It contains the top reasons why people choose birds as their pets rather than other kinds of animals.

Birds are Social Creatures

The extremity depends on the species that you choose to acquire. They can be affectionate, a good reward for all your hard work and commitment. You can get a similar satisfaction like what  you gain from owning a pet dog or cat.

Yes, birds can be loving, as long as you also show them you care for them and that you love them. There are some bird owners that even choose to be inseparable from their pets. They bring them along wherever they go and where birds are allowed.

Nymph Parakeets

Nymph Parakeets

Birds are Intelligent and Known to be Smart

Birds have the capacity to learn. Yes its true, they can learn. They also are inquisitive regarding their surroundings and nature. When you make them your pets, they will learn a lot from you. That’s depending on how you treat them and interact with them. Your dogs or cats can never learn to say hi or good morning. But some birds surely can, especially if you have allotted enough time and effort to teach them how.
pet bird

Training your Pet Bird can be Fairly Simple

Even pet birds are eager to learn from you. So you will be able to teach them what you want them to know. They will easily understand what you want them to do. You can start with simple tasks like whistling.

Then proceed in teaching them few words. That starts widening their vocabulary. If you want, you can get a trainer for your pet birds. But it will be best if you can provide such training yourself, even if you don’t have much experience in the matter. This is your chance to bond with your pet bird and help to develop nurturing emotions toward each other.


Two Cockatiels

Pet Birds are Easy to Handle

You don’t have to take your birds with you for a brisk walk in the morning and afternoon. You don’t have to bathe and groom them all the time. If you have to leave your house, all you have to do is keep your birds in their cages. Leave them with enough water and food to suffice until you come back.


Be sure you keep the cages of your pet birds clean all the time. That helps keep them away from sickness and other injuries.


Pet Birds


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