Attracting Birds to your Garden


Attracting Birds to your Garden Can Bring Life to it

Two Hummingbirds: Have you seen any in your garden?

Two Hummingbirds: Have you seen any in your garden?


Depending on where you live will determine what specific types of birds might possibly visit your garden. It will normally be the birds that live in your particular geographic location. There can be exceptions to this if you live in an area where birds might stop during their fall or spring migration.

To find out which birds are currently in your geographic area, you will have to consult the specialty magazines and other documentation. You might also be able to find some local birdwatcher or other person knowledgeable about birds in your area that you can ask. Libraries and book stores have books with information on migration, on the flight paths that some bird species take to get to their summer or winter residence.

Also, taking pictures of birds you see around you and showing them with informative materials that you already have might possibly help if you show them to the right informed person. If there is no one you can contact to find out what species of birds are in your local area then searching for information related to them can probably be found on the internet. Depending on the season it can be an option to find out if certain species of birds are going to make a stop in the area you live in.

Birds need water. This is highly important. A bird bath or a pool, no matter the size or what it’s made of would instantly attract many birds, even wild ducks and geese if in the area.

If you could also arrange a place where they could find some food, bird seeds, bread or anything else they might like, that would increase the chances birds make an appearance in your garden. You can try, for instance using corn. Seeds of any type also hold an answer to the question related to attracting birds towards your garden.

The seeds that almost all birds prefer are sun-flower seeds, which are easy to find and also inexpensive. Before buying the seeds, you should make a list of all the birds that are in the area and list every bird’s food preferences to assure you can provide food for the many types of birds present.

These are the first steps you should take to attract birds in your garden. The second step is keeping all the things away from the garden that might scare or disturb birds. Animals from the next garden, neighbor’s dogs can scare the birds. Try and ask the neighbors to keep the dogs chained or in the house, because birds are usually scared away if dogs are around.

You should also know that some birds do not get along with each other. So a certain species might avoid your garden because there is another species it doesn’t like in it. Some birds can also stay away because you have children and the noise is too loud. Others might stay away because the garden doesn’t look natural enough. So, knowing the nature and customs of birds can be a decisive factor in bringing them in our backyard or garden.


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