5 Popular Pet Bird Species

pet bird species

5 Popular Pet Bird Species to Consider for Your Pet Bird

When you’re trying to decide which pet bird species will make a good pet for you there are many factors to consider.  You need to be able to commit to the responsibilities of having a pet bird. It is necessary to allot time and money for your pet bird. That assures your pet will always be at the top of its game. Below are five popular species of birds you can choose from.


Cockatiels are known to be Delightful Birds

Aside from having a medium built Cockatiels are fun birds. It is easy for you to care and entertain them. They are known to be delightful birds. Cockatiels are part of the family of parrots and are from Australia. They are known for their whistling and singing abilities. These birds can also learn how to talk, however they often prefer to whistle instead of talking.

Cockatiels also tend to mimic usual sounds they hear, making them appear quirky and fun. They can easily make sounds like barking dogs or ringing telephones. These birds come in various color combinations. Life expectancy of cockatiels can range up to 20 years.




Lovebirds have Personality as well as Intelligence

Lovebirds are among the smallest kind of bird of the parrot species. They have personality as well as intelligence. That is why most owners love these birds. Aside from such aspects, lovebirds are not very demanding.  They are also beautiful birds to look at. These birds are ideal for people who live in apartments and condominiums. They are fairly quiet birds. The adult size of the bird is around six inches long.  Life expectancy can be about 20 years.


Parakeets are Perfect for Kids

Parakeets, also known as the Budgerigar, are perfect for kids. This is especially true if it is the first time for the child to own a pet, specifically a bird. You can make them choose among a variety of various pretty colors. These will require little space. So you don’t have to think much about the matter. Parakeets are intelligent, yet small. They can sing as well as whistle. These birds can also learn few words. Parakeets can live up to 14 years.


Canaries and Finches require little Attention

Canaries and finches require little space because of their small size. These birds can measure 5 inches or even smaller. They are known as waxbills or softbills. Both kinds of birds thrive in small flocks. They don’t require much attention. That helps in making them a perfect companion for those who cannot spend much time with them. These birds do not care much about attention from peoples. Both canaries and finches lifespan can reach up to 10 years. Just care for them and treated them well.


African Grey


 African Greys can live up to 70 Years and are very Intelligent Birds

African Greys are ideal as a lifetime companion. That’s because they can live up to 70 years. They are known to be most intelligent kinds. These birds can even learn around 2,000 words if trained well. African Greys are smart but they also tend to be demanding birds. They will get bored and lonely if you don’t take time to engage them in stimulating activities. Your activities with these birds will be rewarded because these birds are affectionate in nature.

So pick from this list what you want to experience as pet bird owners. Make sure that as much as you enjoy their presence, you will also be able to give them whatever they require from you.

pet bird species

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