Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey

Wildlife views of birds in action


Penguin: Located away from Antarctica

Have you ever wondered how fast a fast flying bird can fly? Most birds don’t seem to fly particularly fast, but the Peregrine Falcon might surprise you.

How fast can a peregrine falcon fly? One scientist aims to find out by skydiving along with the birds.

The Predators team take you on a journey into the world of hunting. Here we see the hare’s strategy versus the eagles and see the science behind who wins the fight. Amazing free nature photography from BBC Worldwide.

A sea eagle snatches a venomous sea snake from the water.

Sea eagles clash in an aerial dogfight as they fight over food and territory.

You may think that the large, long-legged flamingo might stand a fighting chance against a fish-eating eagle, but this amazing nature photography of a killer attack proves that this predator’s reflexes and hunting skills far outweigh its prey. From the BBC

Visit a wild eagle nest and witness the remnants of prey that re brought to feed the young chick. From the BBC.

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