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Phainopepla: Seen one lately?

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Birds are mentioned in many songs. Here are a few videos of famous singers singing bird named songs and bird related songs.

P.S. Of course that never happened. Actually, the song was recorded in 1994 (yes, after Lennon´s dead), but thIs video is just a EDITION with scenes of clips from each other concerts. I put all that scenes together, synchronizing the song with their lips and instruments as I could.

Alicia Keys singing Caged Bird off of her CD “Songs in A minor”

The Songbird first music video by Kenny G.

Mariah Carey – Fly Like A Bird

Elton John – High Flying Bird – 60th birthday concert March 2007.

Toby Keith recorded this song with his daughter,Krystal, who was 17 at the time. Toby and Krystal used to sing this song at home all the time and he thought she had an incredible voice and was happy to record this song with her for his Greatest Hits 2 album.

If any of the videos have been removed from their respective websites please notify me so I can remove them from this page. Thank you.

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