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Bird Cartoons

Brought to you by Rusty Blackbird

Brought to you by Rusty Blackbird

Birds are mentioned in many songs and cartoons. I also couldn’t resist a few cartoons so here are a few videos of them. If you are too young (or too old) please complain to Rusty Blackbird, thank you.

Tweety bird with the song C.R.U.S.H. by Ciara.

An original Hanukkah song by comedian Eric Schwartz aka Smooth-E. Animation by Emily Alexander (
From the album “Kosher Kuts: Hungry For More” in stores and iTunes.

Umbrella Bird by Bernard Derriman

The Toucan Song

Another one of my not toooo bad music videos… this one is to a song from Cowboy Bebop itself.

A young boy thrilled with his new gun shoots a baby bird. When the bird falls down dead he prays to God to make things right.

If any of the videos have been removed from their respective websites please notify me so I can remove them from this page. Thank you.

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