Assorted Fake Birds


Fake Bird Quotes and other Fake Trivia


We have dug deep to bring you some fake quotes as an exercise in fake trivia.

Fake Quotes

Your a fake and a phony and I wish I never laid eyes on you.

Sandy: Grease (1978) movie


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The Covered-Up of fake bird

Air Force FB team lost their mascot, The Bird. They released The Bird at the Independence bowl and he did not come back.

They quickly replace with the back up one and claim The Bird is found.

The real one end up in someone’s pot somewhere in the great state of Louisiana.


Posted by AzianSooner 12/28/2010, 12:01 PM


‘Fake bird’ row hits German play

A German actor has quit a play after throwing a fake bird at a critic who was watching the performance.
BBC News 23 February 2006


Fake Dinosaur-bird ancestor

The most recent and perhaps the most infamous evolution frauds was committed in China and published in 1999 in the journal National Geographic 196:98-107, November 1999. Dinosaur bones were put together with the bones of a newer species of bird and they tried to pass it off as a very important new evolutionary intermediate.

Quote – “National Geographic has reached an all-time low for engaging in sensationalistic, unsubstantiated, tabloid journalism” Storrs L. Olson, Smithsonian Institution

“Feathers For T-Rex?”, Christopher P. Sloan, National Geographic Magazine, Vol. 196, No. 5, November, 1999, pp.99,100,105


New Fake Rule: No Bird Feeding or “Serious Consequences”

In Peter Cooper Village Security warned residents not to feed the birds OR Else!

Stuy Town Security


A Fake and a Real Bird Strike!

If you want to see a real bird strike on a Boeing 757, the second video clip below is a real one that happened in Manchester airport on 29.04.07. For a more detailed video, click the link below.
Just About Flying…



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