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Birds are mentioned in many songs, some have become very popular, both here (USA) and abroad, others no. Here are a few videos of songs mentioning birds, groups with bird names, etc. Some like the war video use a bird song as background music. Included in this collage of videos are some most likely “bird songs” and many unlikely ones.

Included in this unlikely mixture of bird songs are themes or related “bird” named “space ships” or otherwise far fetched bird references. There is something for most everyone here. This just goes to show how pervasive birds are in our culture.


Northern (hen) Harrier: Have You seen Her?

Take note all of the videos were made by someone else and I only added them here for your viewing pleasure (or disgust for some of you). For any that are missing or are unplayable please notify me via the Contact form.

I cannot cover much more here, but I would like any bird related short videos you may know of that are not on the site that I can add here submit the information on the Contact form. Of course some of you may have comments about these videos so the comment box is open below.

If any of the videos have been removed from their respective websites please notify me so I can remove them from this site. Thank you.

The Surfin’ Bird (Forty-two Years Later)
JULY 24, 2009 UPDATE, 493,106 views: So there’s been a lot of debate, 2000+ posts: praising, lambasting, debates, jokes, stupidity… let me clear up some things… Foremost, I’m not taking a side. If you think I am, that’s your own bias. […] Complete text

Aah well everybody’s heard about the bird. Including Spongebob πŸ˜‰ Video by Steven A. Ealy, see ***DISCLAIMER***

Grateful Dead – Birdsong: A fabulous, acoustic Birdsong from the Radio City Music Hall run of 1980.

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