Learn about Birds from Videos

Using the Internet to learn about birds

Canada Geese in V Formation

Canada Geese in a V-Formation

There is a lot of information about birds on the Internet. For some quick snippets of information I have found some informative videos about birds. For more information about birds go to Birdzilla.

If any of the videos have been removed from their respective websites please notify me so I can remove them from this site. Thank you.

Kingfishers beat the reaction time of a fish by 1/50th of a second. Hunting fish from the air, it seems, is harder than it looks for the birds. Amazing rare nature photography in this high-flying video from BBC Worldwide.

Ellen Degeneres Show featuring Quito the Parrot.

Birds of paradise have incredible and elaborate plumage, here David Attenborough looks at one. From BBC wildlife.

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