8 Tips to Keep Your Pet Bird Healthy


8 Simple Tips to Follow to Help Keep Your Pet Bird Healthy

1. Birds need to eat a nutritionally sound diet in order to live a long life. Improper feeding of your pet bird can lead to malnutrition, even disease. Such a result could lead to a shorter lifespan. You should start off by feeding your bird the right foods from the beginning.

2. If you have to change your bird’s diet it should be done slowly and progressively over time. Be careful not to leave fresh food in the bird’s cage too long. It will develop bacteria which can make your bird sick. Provide fresh foods twice a day for approximately one hour each time.


A macaw. Would this make a nice pet bird for you?

3. Birds can eat most table foods. However, it is best to stick to healthy items. That includes items containing whole grains, pretzels, and whole wheat pastas and bread. Avoid foods high in fat. You may love avocados, however, never feed your bird(s) avocados. They are toxic to birds.

4. For picky bird eaters who won’t eat a varied diet, try warming or cooking the vegetables. Remove any seeds except at meal time. When your bird starts eating healthy foods on a regular basis then you can give him seeds.

5. Legumes, beans, as well as various vegetables and fruits are good sources of nutrition for your bird. Some birds resist new foods at first. Others are open to trying many new things.

SR-71 Blackbird

A different kind of Blackbird.

Although It might take some time keep to introduce your bird to a variety of healthy foods. Don’t give up right away because your bird may eventually love those foods.

6. Do you have a parrot or bird in the parrot family? If so, don’t make seeds your parrot’s only food. Parrots and birds of the parrot family can eat a variety of different kinds of foods. Feeding only seeds is a common mistake many new parrot owners make. Seeds don’t contain enough protein. They contain mostly fat and very few vitamins.

dog and bird

A German Shepard with a Blue Tit Malinois Bird on it its head.

7. Feed your bird two times a day. This results in your bird getting hungry. That will make it more active. Also, a good appetite can make it more likely your bird will try new foods. Feeding it at set times twice per day also allows you to be able to monitor how much your bird is eating. Should your bird not eat well this can tell you it is not feeling well, or it might have a health problem.

8. Water is necessary for healthy birds. Just the same as water is necessary for people. Always keep your bird’s water dish filled with fresh, clean water. Bird bowls can become very dirty and should therefore be cleaned each day. Clean them with hot soapy water. Every other week you should clean your bird’s water dish with a solution containing bleach. Make it a point to pick up some water soluble bird vitamins at the local pet store. Then add vitamins to your birds water daily.

Birds make wonderful pets for the whole family. They can live a long time if taken care of properly. Proper care of birds includes maintaining a healthy diet of seeds, vegetables and fruit.

So if you’re a pet bird owner consider these 8 tips if they apply to your bird. It should be happy with you if you do.


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