A fine cage won’t feed the bird

how high a bird flies

A fine cage won’t feed the bird.

A French proverb

Have you seen this bird?

Have you seen this bird?

Red-whiskered Bulbul

The Red-whiskered Bulbul (Pycnonotus jocosus) is a passerine bird found in Asia. It has been introduced in many tropical areas of the world where it has established itself in the wild.

Identification Tips:
• Length: 7 inches
• Slender bill
• Red ear patch and undertail coverts
• Black head with crest
• Dark upperparts
• White underparts
• Long tail
• Sexes similar
• Introduced to southern Florida

Similar species:
The crest, black and white plumage and red undertail coverts are quite distinctive.

The Red-whiskered Bulbul has established itself in Australia, Los Angeles, Hawaii, and Florida in the United States, and in the Mauritius, Assumption Island and Mascarene Islands.

This is a bird of lightly wooded areas, more open country with bushes and shrubs, and farmland. This species was once a popular cage bird in parts of India.



A fine cage won’t feed the bird.


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A fine cage won’t feed the bird.

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