Two birds of prey do not keep

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Two birds of prey do not keep each other company.

A Spanish Proverb



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A falcon is any species of raptor in the genus Falco. Adult falcons have thin tapered wings, which enable them to fly at high speed and to change direction rapidly.

The Brown Falcon, Falco berigora, is a member of the falcon genus found in the drier regions of Australia. Its specific name berigora is derived from an aboriginal name for the bird.

It differs from other falcons in that it has broader wings and longer legs. The Brown Falcon is about 45 cm in length.

Fledgling falcons, in their first year of flying, have longer flight feathers which makes their configuration more like that of a general-purpose bird such as a broadwing.

The falcons are part of the family Falconidae, which also includes the caracaras, Laughing Falcon, forest falcons, and falconets.

The Brown Falcon usually nests in old nests abandoned by other birds. This species occupies a large area of inland Australia.


Two birds of prey do not keep each other company.

A Spanish Proverb


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Two birds of prey do not keep each other company.


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  1. This quote for me is certainly a brain buster. I’m still trying to figure it out. As for the Brown-Falcon beautiful bird, but it seems that Australians use some pretty simple names to name their native fauna. They the Brown-Falcon and Brown Snake to very cool animals but with unflattering names. Great Quote Thank You.

  2. I think this is very good quote, and think I understand what it means, but don’t call me on it.;)
    I know this is weird but when ever I see a hawk in Australia I think of the that old Disney movie “The Rescuer’s Down Under” with the giant hawk and crocodile.
    Anyway great website and great quote.

  3. Hello,I have to say that I really like your site I have been visiting often for the past almost week:) and can honestly say that I really do like your website concept. I am something of wildlife nut myself so anything that talks about wild things I tend to enjoy. What I found most creative about your website is the great information on the many birds out there. I had no idea there were so many different birds in the world.
    Thanks for the great site.

  4. I really do appreciate these quotes on your website. Not just this one but all the bird related quotes on your website. Birds are absolutely amazing, and not just because they can fly. But their life cycles,interaction with each others, and behavior. For me nothing is more wild I think then seeing a bald eagle perched in a tall lodgepole pine in a vast Montana Forest.

  5. Brown Falcons are awesome birds I just read about them on Wikipedia. I think that is very interesting that you they use old nests for their own. Here is the link also I’m intrigued by the Laughing Falcon if you could do a feature on them in the future that might be interesting. Just a Suggestion. Thanks for the great website/blog.

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