Bad bird, bad egg

Bad bird, bad egg.

A German proverb


Olive Warbler

The Olive Warbler, Peucedramus taeniatus , is a small passerine bird. It is the only member of the genus Peucedramus and the family Peucedramidae.

This species breeds from southern Arizona and New Mexico, USA, south through Mexico to Nicaragua.

Identification Tips:
• Length: 4.5 inches
• Small, active, insect-eating bird
• Somewhat thin, pointed bill
• Whitish from lower breast to undertail coverts
• Grayish back and wings
• White wing bars
• Black legs
• United States range restricted to southeastern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico

Olive Warbler

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Adult male:
• Black mask
• Head, throat, and upper breast dull orange

Female and immature:
• Dark cheek patch
• Yellow-orange to yellow wash on throat and breast
• Crown greenish

Similar species:
The male Olive Warbler is easily recognized by its black mask and orange head and breast. Females and immatures can be told from other species by their unstreaked underparts and dark cheek patch.

The Olive Warbler is a bird of mountains and highlands. It is the only bird family endemic to North America.



Bad bird, bad egg.


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Bad bird, bad egg.

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