Don’t the wounded bird still sing

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Don’t the wounded bird still sing?

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Common Nighthawk

The Common Nighthawk, Chordeiles minor, is a nightjar.

Their breeding habitat is open country across North America. They usually nest on bare ground, sometimes in raised locations including stumps or gravel roofs and in burned out forest floors.

Common Nighthawk

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Identification Tips:
• Length: 9 inches Wingspan: 23 inches
• Very short bill
• Blackish upperparts with gray and white patterning
• Brown and white patterning on head and chest
• Underparts with heavy dark bars
• Dark wings with conspicuous pale patch midway out from bend in wing
• Dark tail with thin white bars

The birds migrate in flocks. These birds winter in South America. They catch flying insects on the wing, mainly foraging near dawn and dusk.

These nighthawks lay their two eggs directly on bare ground. They do not have a nest.



Don’t the wounded bird still sing?

By Sheryl Crow


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Don’t the wounded bird still sing?


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