A fox should not be on the jury…



A fox should not be on the jury at a goose’s trial

A Thomas Fuller quotation

Snow Goose

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The greater snow goose (nivalis) occupies a limited breeding range in northern Greenland and adjacent lands and a narrow winter range on the Atlantic coast, the lesser snow goose (hyperborea) is a much more abundant bird of much wider distribution. It breeds along the entire Arctic coast of this continent and on the islands north of it, from Alaska to Baffin Land.

Its winter range extends from the Atlantic to the Pacific, but it is very rare east of the Mississippi Valley and much more abundant from there westward. It is especially abundant in winter in California, Texas, and Mexico. On the Pacific coast itself, particularly that of California, the birds are probably more abundant in winter than anywhere else.



The food of the snow goose is largely vegetable, in fact almost wholly so during the greater part of its sojourn in its winter home. Various kinds of ordinary grass form a large part of this bird’s food, at least during their winter residence in the United States.

Snow geese dispense shrill falsetto cries as they fly about in companies of their own kind, or else mingle sociably with other species.



A fox should not be on the jury at a goose’s trial

By Thomas Fuller


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  1. This quote I love. I have always been a big fan of Thomas Fuller and this one ranks up there with one of his best. I will tell you this I have been chased away from many duck ponds by over aggresive geese. So I may have to side with the Fox if he was on the jury. lol. Thank for the quote.

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