The noisy fowler catches no birds

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The noisy fowler catches no birds.

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The Verdin (Auriparus flaviceps) is a species of penduline tit. It is the only species in the family to be found in the New World.

Identification Tips:
• Length: 3.5 inches
• Short, thin bill
• Yellow face
• Black lores
• Pale gray upperparts
• Whitish underparts
• Brownish shoulders
• Sexes similar



Similar species:

The yellow face is the best field mark to identify this bird.

Verdins are permanent residents of the southwestern United States and northern Mexico.

Verdins are insectivorous, continuously foraging among the desert trees and scrubs. They are usually solitary except when they pair up to construct their conspicuous nests.



The noisy fowler catches no birds.


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The noisy fowler catches no birds.


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