Two Little Dickie Birds

Dickie Birds

Two Little Dickie Birds

Nursery Rhyme


Two ducks

Have you seen these two missing ducks?

Two Little Dickie Birds is an English Nursery Rhyme.
Two Little Dickie Birds Sitting on a Wall
One named Peter
The other named Paul
Fly away Peter
Fly away Paul
Come Back Peter
Come Back Paul

Two Little Dickie Birds

* A pop version was recorded by Petula Clark in 1951, titled Fly Away Peter, Fly Away Paul.
* The lyrics of the 1975 Jethro Tull song One White Duck / 010 = Nothing At All, make a reference to the nursery rhyme: “So fly away Peter, and fly away Paul, from the fingertip ledge of contentment”.
* the nursery rhyme was included in Sesame Street.

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  1. What is a Dickie Bird, or what does it refer to?

    Yes I know there was a Harold Dennis Bird, commonly known as “Dickie” Bird (born in Barnsley, Yorkshire on April 19, 1933) who is a retired international cricket umpire.

  2. A Dickie bird or dicky bird can have different meanings.
    Go here for a good explanation.

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