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Let me dedicate a quote 2 U

Bird Quote Dedication Service offers a new bird quote dedication service to anyone that wants to have a bird quotation on the site dedicated to them, a family member, a friend or their website, etc. This is a family friendly site so no vulgar or otherwise objectionable quotes or images will be allowed.

Because of the labor and time involved we have to charge a token fee for this service*. You will receive a custom page with your bird quote dedicated to you. It will be on the front page of the site for up to a week when it will be replaced with a new quote or page. However, it will remain on the site and can be reached via the sitemap or from links on this Dedication page.

You can select your own bird quote from the site or other source or I will select one for you.

I will include up to three permanent one-way links to your site, if applicable, and will Tweet your page upon publishing. Because I am doing this personally in my spare time (What’s that?) it may take up to five days for your dedication page to appear.



If you would like a bird quote dedication go HERE

No more dedications are being taken at this time.




Bird Quote Dedications



* A Rusty Blackbird & service

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