Do not rear a bird of a bad breed for sale

Do not rear a bird of a bad breed

A Portuguese proverb


Veery: Have you seen this bird?


The Veery, Catharus fuscescens, is a small thrush species. Sometimes it is called Willow Thrush or Wilson’s Thrush.

The Veerys breeding habitat is humid deciduous, It is across southern Canada and the northern United States. These birds make a cup nest on the ground or near the base of a shrub.

Identification Tips:
• Length: 6 inches
• Cinnamon upperparts in eastern United States birds, duller in western birds
• Indistinct eye ring
• Breast buffy with small dark spots, spots larger in western birds
• Underparts white with gray flanks
• Pink legs
• Thin bill with pale base
• Sexes similar
• Often forages on forest floor
• Distinctive beautiful song

Similar species:
The Veery resides in forests where it is more often heard than seen. It is similar to other thrushes but has smaller, less extensive spotting on the breast and uniformly light brown upperparts. In the western United States, Veeries and Swainson’s Thrushes have similar upperpart coloration and spotting on the breast.

For food the Veery forage on the forest floor. They flip leaves to uncover insects and also they fly up to catch insects in flight. They mainly eat insects and berries.

This bird has been displaced in some parts of its range by the Wood Thrush.



Do not rear a bird of a bad breed. .

A Portuguese proverb


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Do not rear a bird of a bad breed.

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