Far fowls have fair feathers

Far fowls have fair feathers.

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Phainopepla (male)

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The Phainopepla (Phainopepla nitens) is the most northerly representative of the mainly tropical Central American family Ptilogonatidae, the silky flycatchers.

Identification Tips:
• Length: 6.25 inches
• Short, thin bill
• Dark crest
• Males have entirely black plumage, females gray
• White wing patches visible in flight
Long tail
• Juveniles are similar to females

Similar species:
The Phainopepla is unlikely to be confused with any other species.

Range: The Phainopepla ranges as far north as central California with the San Joaquin Valley and southern Utah, and south to central Mexico, the interior Mexican Plateau region; the southern edge of the plateau, the transverse mountains is its non-breeding home. It is also found in hot areas, including desert oases, and is readily seen in the deserts of Arizona, California and the Baja Peninsula.

Diet: Berries, any small insects, fruits, vegetables.



Far fowls have fair feathers.


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Far fowls have fair feathers.

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