He that will take the bird…

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He that will take the bird must not scare it.

An English proverb

Spot-breasted Oriole

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Spot-breasted Oriole

The Spot-breasted Oriole (Icterus pectoralis) is a species of bird in the Icteridae family.

The Spot-breasted Oriole is found in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, and the United States.

Identification Tips:
• Length: 7.5 inches
• Sharply-pointed bill
• Black around eye and throat
• Black spots on breast
• Orange face, shoulder, underparts and rump
• Black back, wings and tail
• White wing patch and edges
• Sexes similar
• Immature similar to adult but duller and lacks breast spots
• United States range restricted to southeastern Florida

The Spot-breasted Oriole ranges only on the Pacific Ocean side of Central America. A breeding population has been introduced to, and also exists on the Atlantic Ocean coast of southern Florida.



He that will take the bird must not scare it.


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He that will take the bird must not scare it.


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