If one cannot catch the bird…

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If one cannot catch the bird of paradise, better take a wet hen.

A Nikita Khrushchev quotation

Lesser Prairie chicken

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Lesser Prairie chicken

Comparatively little seems to be known and still less has been published on the habits and distribution of the small, light-colored, bird, which is found in the Upper Sonoran Zone of the Great Plains from Kansas and Colorado to central Texas and eastern New Mexico.

Identification Tips:

* Length: 13 inches
* Sexes similar
* Medium-sized, stocky, round-winged, chicken-like bird
* Short, rounded, dark tail
* Buff plumage barred extensively about breast, back, wings and belly with darker bars

Range: The Great Plains region, from southeastern Colorado and Kansas south to west-central Texas and probably southeastern New Mexico.

Like its larger relative, the Lesser Prairie chicken is known for its lekking behavior. A lek is a gathering of males, of certain animal species, for the purposes of competitive mating display.

Considered “vulnerable” by the IUCN due to its restricted and patchy range, the Lesser Prairie chicken is vulnerable to habitat destruction. There is evidence suggesting that global warming may have a particularly detrimental influence by greatly reducing the size of the sagebrush ecosystem.



If one cannot catch the bird of paradise, better take a wet hen.

By Nikita Khrushchev


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