What a queer bird

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What a queer bird

An old poem

What a queer bird is a poem from the nineteenth century or before. It is sometimes attributed to Ogden Nash but has been around long before him. It has also been set to music, in round form, and is sung in several Youtube videos. The words are as follows:

Name this bird

Name this bird

What a queer bird, the frog are
When he sit he stand (almost)
When he walk he fly (almost)
When he talk he cry (almost)
He ain’t got no sense, hardly
He ain’t got no tail, neither, hardly
He sit on what he ain’t got hardly

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What a queer bird …


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    What a queer bird


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    1. A very very interesting bird. I think that in the literary world it has some significance because if people are reading or singing about it on YouTube it has to be important in one way or another. Ogden Nash was brilliant and I think that 100 years from now people will still be discussing the complexity or simplicity of this poem.

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