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Unfortunately these swans were infected with H5N1 from Asia. Consequently we need to consider this case confirmed.
– Reinhard Kurth

Unfortunately, it has been confirmed that the swans were infected with H5N1 from Asia. We have no doubts whatsoever any more.
– Reinhard Kurth

We bodged again, as I have been a swan With bootless labor swim against the tide And spend her strength with overmatching waves.
– William Shakespeare

We did this seven, eight months ago. We decided we wanted Clint Swan. He was at the top of our list… I don’t want to introduce a new basketball coach for a long time.
– BIll Dorulla

Swan Quotes and Quotations

Trumpeter Swan brood: Click for large image

We had for Dinner a Calf’s Head, boiled Fowl and tongue, a Saddle of Mutton Roasted on the Side Table, and a fine Swan roasted with Currant Jelly Sauce for the first Course. The second Course a couple of Wild Fowl called Dun Fowls, Larks, Blancmange, Tarts etc. etc. and a good Dessert of Fruit after amongst which was a Damson Cheese. I never eat a bit of Swan before, and I think it good eating with sweet sauce. The Swan was killed three weeks before it was eat and yet not the least bad taste in it.
– James Woodforde ‘Diary of a Country Parson’, 1780

We were the best team in the world: European champions in 1984, we qualified without a hitch and 86 was to be the swan song for a very experienced side.
– Michel Patini

We’re still betting $3 the Swans, but I can see that shortening.
– Gary Davies

When all the world is young, lad, / And all the trees are green; / And every goose a swan, lad / And every lass a queen; / Then hey for boot and horse, lad, / And round the world away: / Young blood must have its course, lad,/ And every dog his day.
– Charles Kingsley

When as a swan he rises from the water he does not withdraw his one foot. If in truth he were to withdraw it, there would be neither to-day, nor to-morrow, no night and no day, never would the dawn appear.
– Atharva Veda

When turkeys mate they think of swans.
– Johnny Carson

Which is the swan, and which is the crane? It is only by His Glance of Grace. Whoever is pleasing to Him, O Nanak, is transformed from a crow into a swan.
– Sri Guru Granth Sahib

You think that upon the score of fore-knowledge and divining I am infinitely inferior to the swans. When they perceive approaching death they sing more merrily than before, because of the joy they have in going to the God they serve.
– Socrates

swan quotes and quotations


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